Whether you have a specific need or general consulting, we can help you achieve success.

General Political strategy

In an ever changing political environment, our team has the expertise to deliver your desired results. Whether that is winning an election or improving public opinion, no task is too small.

public engagement

Our three tier approach to public engagement is to make you visible on web-based new media outlets, allow your constituents to hear your message through T.V./Radio Production, and understand your platforms through direct mail services. This triple threat concept is our recipe for success.


Fundraising is the lifeline of any campaign. Having raised money for numerous candidates for various public offices, our team understands what is needed to drive results and keep costs low.

Data & Analytics

There are vast amounts of data out there from where people spend their money to why they vote for a particular candidate. Let the Epix team mine the data, target your audience, and analyze the material. You will maximize your efforts when you identify where to utilize your resources. Data & Analytics help lead the way.

Communicating for impact

Your message is your brand. We improve your communication strategy by targeting the appropriate audiences that will maximize your impact. This is made possible by our extensive data analytics and research. We don't communicate to send a message. We communicate to create positive change.

Public & Media relations

Improving your polling numbers or market share requires a keen sense of public and media relations. What the media and public say and how they view your brand affects your overall success. We can help cultivate a favorable rapport within the public and media communities.